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Ekhorn Archers Mission Statement:

"The primary mission statement of the Elkhorn Archer is to grow and promote safe, ethical bowhunting practices."

Truman Carter Archery Pose - 1930's or 1940's

Elkhorn Archers was established as an organized archery club in Oregon in 1965 with only 3 members (Truman Carter, Frank Ward and Charlie Mosel). There might have been a few others, but no exact names could be found.

In 1966, the Washington Gulch Archery Range and Shooting Course was layed out and construction began. During the summer of 1966, the first Broadhead pits were dug with a work party of Frank Ward, Truman Carter, Charlie Mosel, as well as Frank Wards son, Ben Ward.

From conversations with Frank Ward's son, Ben, who was ten years old at the time, it took several weekend work parties to finish the first ten targets.

While under construction, the band of founding fathers used a Honda 50 to move equipment and 3D targets to many to the target locations.

The club hosted as many as 6 competitive shoots a summer in those days. Club members from La Grande, Walla Walla, Washington as well as members from other archery clubs in Oregon participated. At times there was as many as 40 to 50 participants on any given weekend.

In the Winter months the club hosted an indoor target range at the Baker City Community Center where ten indoor targets were set-up. Even in those days the Club was always striving to grow and promote the sport, as well as working with the youth on Baker County.

In the early seventies, Elkhorn Archers had grown in membership and was extremely active in promoting archery and bowhunting in Eastern Oregon.

In the early to mid 70's, the club sent a small delegation of members to Bend, Oregon to meet with Oregon State Fish and Wildlife to lobby for choose your weapon as well as to open the entire State to bowhunting. Prior to that only certain units were open to bowhunting. Elkhorn Archers continues to be a proud supporter of the Oregon Bowhunters Association.

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